Client – Bath

I saw Lindsay because I have had a fear of flying for at least 10 years or more. We began by looking at my fear of crowded public places and I learned some helpful techniques to help me calm myself down when I started to feel panicky in crowds of people in public places. The CBT work helped me to recognise my unhelpful thought processes and to begin to learn to challenge them. We then focussed the sessions on the fear of flying as I had several flights I was scheduled to take in the coming months. The CBT work that she gave me really helped me to become aware of my thought patterns and to identify how those were making my anxiety at the prospect of flying worse. The relaxation techniques and the hypnotherapy cds I listened to enabled me to bring my general anxiety levels down and also gave me opportunities to rehearse going on my flights. As a result, I was able to go on 4 long haul flights in the space of a month and I managed them incredibly well – much better than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend this approach for tackling fears and for dealing with anxiety.

Client – Bath

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Lindsay Rogers BDS, AdvHyp, HPD, DipCAH, DipCBT, PNLP, DipSM

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