Client – Bath

I couldn’t recommend Lindsay highly enough as she has made such a huge, positive impact on my life, and in such a short time.  The results I had with Lindsay were above and beyond anything that I ever expected.

I chose Lindsay after finding her website and liked the fact that she could offer a range of techniques and therapies which I thought might help me.  I suffered from low self-esteem and had done for a very long time.  My self-loathing had become a habit and pattern of behaviour that had taken me over and I felt it was hindering my life and holding me back in so many ways.  I had had enough and was worried what would happen to me if I didn’t get these issues resolved once and for all.  I think with hindsight that I probably had bouts of depression as a result of this and seemed to spend my life self-sabotaging and going round and round in circles repeating the same mistakes.

I have had counselling before, but I was initially a bit wary of using hypnotherapy as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was enjoyable and even refreshing and I learnt a lot about myself in just a few sessions with Lindsay that hadn’t come up in my previous counselling sessions. Lindsay used various techniques with me and it didn’t take long before I felt completely different about myself.  It may sound stupid to someone who has never suffered from low self-esteem, but I went from despising myself to being able to look in a mirror and now believe in, and like myself.  I only wish I had done this many years ago.  The difference was noticeable in my personality and also my appearance and friends and family could see a marked difference.  Lindsay has helped me to understand what my trigger points are and I know exactly what to do to handle them should I ever need to, so I feel I am equipped for a very good future.

As a result of Lindsay’s support I got my self-esteem and confidence back and felt I wanted further guidance to really move forward with my personal and working life, as I had been in a rut for a very long time.  Using further sessions with additional techniques, Lindsay helped me to achieve healthy lifestyle patterns including relaxation, healthy eating and exercise.  She also helped me to maximise my potential at work.  I have since performed better at work, have a much healthier outlook and attitude, and am also very happily dating!

Hypnotherapy, CBT and the combination of other therapies worked wonders for me.  Lindsay is very welcoming, calm, professional, and ‘human’.  I felt totally safe, listened to, respected and supported in our sessions.  I was amazed by how quickly and how easy it was to undo years and years of negative patterns and bad habits.  I was given a bit of homework to do as well as CD’s to listen to and everything was completely geared to my own specific needs all the time.  Because Lindsay is able to use a variety of therapies I never felt I was just another patient being given the same approach as anyone else.   All I can say is, if you’re thinking about trying this, just do it, you won’t regret it.  I would thoroughly recommend Lindsay in helping you as my life has gone from a series of negatives to a whole lot of positives and I have never felt happier, or more confident, peaceful and content.

Client – Bath

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Lindsay Rogers BDS, AdvHyp, HPD, DipCAH, DipCBT, PNLP, DipSM

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