Some time ago, I suffered several acute attacks of labyrinthitis, including a dramatic episode at my local café which left me distraught and very frightened to even go out. Labyrinthitis is an inner ear viral infection which can cause violent sickness, loss of balance and vertigo which can last for hours on end.

I had lost a lot of confidence, feared meeting people, was unable to travel or go out alone and found that being in any public place was a traumatic experience.

Having been a confident, sociable and fun-loving person prior to these attacks, I had no idea how to cope with the situation in which I found myself. I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. During a visit to my kinesiologist, she suggested hypnotherapy as a possible solution, and that is how I found Lindsay Rogers.

After the first session during which Lindsay hypnotised me, I felt really calm and positive. I went away with one of her CDs to listen to, which I did several times before the next session. After each session I could feel myself growing stronger and gaining confidence. Step by step, following Lindsay’s suggestions, listening to other CDs, I overcame my fears and am now back on track enjoying life to the full again. If I start to feel wobbly about anything, I know what to do to calm myself.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lindsay to you. She has given me my life back! Lindsay, thank you so much for all you have done for me.


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